Amazon: Saving Sawyer

Poor old Sawyer, the family dog, is lonely, which is leading him to take out his frustration in somewhat destructive ways. It looks like his owners are going to solve the problem by ordering a maximum-security kennel for him from Amazon but, thankfully, the new purchase heralds a happier way to solve the problem.



Brand Manager: Claudine Cheever
ECD: Jo Shoesmith
Head of Production: Walter Frye
Creative Directors: David Connell, Tom Pettus, David Lord, Joe Godard
Campaign Managers: Candace McCullum, Lee Raji
Executive Producer: Leila Gage
Producer: Keisha Harris

Production: Hungry Man US
Director: Wayne McClammy
Post: The Mill New York
Editing: The Den Editorial
Sound: Beacon Street Studios


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