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Team Membership price: £3500 + VAT

Team Membership guarantees 3 places at every in-person IHALC event. You get:



Events per year

Tickets per Event

Value Each

Total Value

One-Day Summits





Breakfast Briefings





Leaders Dinners










Access to The Sessions for your team, worth £500
Discounts on training to the value of £9000

Total value of Team Membership: £15,050

Individual Membership is also available at £1600 + VAT

The In-House Agency leaders Club connects and supports senior leaders at In-House Agencies. Join today to unlock the full potential of you and your team with:


Attend our unique events and Leaders Dinners

Tickets worth up to £5550

IHALC runs regular in-person events providing our community with the unique opportunity to explore relevant topics in the company of your peers. Discuss best practice, learn from leaders and experts, connect with your fellow IHA leaders in a convivial, ‘safe space’ which provides validation and affirmation.

Join IHALC as a Team or Individual and benefit from tickets to:

2 x One-Day Summits worth £300 each
5 x Breakfast Briefings worth £150 each
2 x Leaders Dinners worth £250 each

Total event value for Teams: £5550
Total event value for Individuals: £1850

Team Membership
Choose any 3 senior Team members to attend each event

Note: specified in-person IHALC events take place in London


Tailored group training sessions from industry leaders

Save up to £9000

To upskill leaders, their teams and stakeholders, IHALC has created a unique training offering.

Our collection of in-person training courses can be tailored specifically to meet the needs of your In-House Agency and delivered to groups of up to 40 people, offering IHAs the chance to learn with stakeholders.

Our courses:


Course 1
Better Briefs & Briefing: the role of a great brief, how to write one and how to inspire creatives with it.

Course 2
How to Sell Creative Work: how to present your ideas with confidence.

Course 3
Making Creative Feedback Count: how to give, manage and apply creative feedback so that it has a positive effect on the work.

MEMBERS: £9000 NON-MEMBERS: £10,000 (+VAT)

Course capacity: 24



Course 1
Creativity Matters: how to be more creative in work and life.

Course 2
Better Together: what all business, brands and teams can learn from studying ‘gangs’.

Course 3
Arguing your case: The principles and practicals of how to construct Undeniable Arguments in your business life.

MEMBERS: £5000 NON-MEMBERS: £6000 (+VAT)
Course capacity: 40



Course 1
Marketing Fundamentals in a Digital World

Course 2
Creating Digitally Fit Content

Course 3
Marketing and AI

MEMBERS: £9000 NON-MEMBERS: £10,000 (+VAT)
Course capacity: 24

Team and Individual members receive £1000 off each course

For full details of IHALC’s Training, see our Training page


Access exclusive content from IHA Leaders

Worth £500

IHALC has assembled a unique collection of insights, interviews and advice from In-House Agency Leaders and their partners.

Hear from IHA Leaders at LEGO, Specsavers, Pepsico, Liquid Death, Mailchimp, The Body Shop, Deliveroo, the BBC and many more, in the UK, Europe and the US.

Constantly updated insight and advice on proving the value of your IHA, building a creative culture, attracting and retaining talent, the essentials for creating great, effective work and much more.

The Sessions is exclusively available to IHALC Members. Team Membership provides access to every member of your IHA.


Team or Individual Membership

Save on training and our unique in-person events

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The company you’ll keep: brands that attend our events include

Through events, content, and training, IHALC helps In-House Agency Leaders to work better, and do better work. IHALC brings the In-House Agency community together to learn from, support and inspire each other. Come and join us!

Empower your team
Save money on Team Membership and give your In-House Agency full access to IHALC’s unique events, learning resources and training programme



What is IHALC?

The In-House Agency Leaders Club brings the In-House Agency community together to learn from, support and inspire each other, share best practice and problems, ask and answer questions. Think of it as a mutual self-help group for In-House Agency Leaders.

Through events, articles, research and training, IHALC helps In-House Agencies to work better and do better work. It was created in 2020 by ex-Creative Review Editor and D&AD Trustee and CEO, Patrick Burgoyne and founding partner, WDC.

Is it only for In-House Agencies?

IHALC membership is limited to In-House Agencies only. When you come to one of our events, you will be meeting your peers, whose challenges and ambitions mirror your own. Typically, our members are Agency Leads, Creative Directors, Directors of Operations, Heads of Production, Strategy Directors, Brand Leads and Directors of Content. Please do not apply if you do not work for, or manage, an IHA. Our Membership Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Is it only for In-House Agencies in the UK?

The core of IHALC’s membership offering is our in-person events and dinners, held in London. In order to get full value from your membership, you should have access to those. We host many online sessions during the year which are open to all, as well as helpful content for In-House Agency Leaders on our website and at our content hub on Creative Review, The In-House Life.

How does Team Membership work?

Team Membership is the best value IHALC Membership option. We want to give Members maximum flexibility to be able to get the most out of the core of Membership – our in-person events.

With Team Membership, you can choose who to send to any of our events. Every year, we will run a minimum of two One-Day Summits, five Breakfast Briefings and two Leaders Dinners. You have three places at each one – who you send is up to you, though we would encourage you to send senior leaders as they will derive the most benefit from the discussions that are central to all our events.

Before each event, we will contact the person who administers your Team Membership (ie the person who set up the account) with details of the event, a link to the event page and a Members’ Promo Code. Register attendees using the Promo Code in order to secure places for free. You will be able to purchase additional places at a discount. All specified in-person events are in London.

Team Membership also gives you access to The Sessions, our exclusive resource of interviews, insights and advice from In-House Agency Leaders. When you take out Team Membership, you can give access to all team members simply by adding them to your account. You can add or remove members at any time: members can be added by the administrator of the account by sending a unique link to colleagues. To do this, go to the Subscriptions area of your account, then click ‘Manage members’. You will have received an email via Memberful with a link to log-in to manage your account.

You can also log-in to manage your account via this link at any time

Or access the log-in to manage your account and details on how your membership works on our Welcome page here.
With Team Membership you also qualify for £1000 off each of our group training courses. The courses are delivered in-person and can be tailored to suit your specific needs, including allowing In-House Agencies and stakeholders to train together. Simply fill out the enquiry form on our Training page or email Terms and Conditions for our Training courses are available here.

Membership Terms and Conditions can be found here.


How do I log in to my member account?

We use Memberful to manage our memberships. You will have received an email via Memberful with a link to log-in to manage your account.

You can also access the log-in to manage your account and details on how your membership works on our Welcome page here

Or log-in to manage your account via this link at any time

Here you can add members of your team to give them access to our member-only content and update your details

Can I pay by invoice?

Yes. We would prefer payments by card, but if that is impossible for your organisation, we can arrange payment by invoice. Just email to arrange the details


Do Individual Members still qualify for Training Discounts?

Absolutely! As an Individual Member, you can purchase any of our group training courses for your team at a £1000 discount per course. Terms and Conditions for our Training courses are available here.

You also receive one ticket to every IHALC in-person event, including the One-Day Summits, Breakfast Briefings and Leaders Dinners.

And you receive access to The Sessions, our unique collection of insights and advice from your fellow In-House Agency Leaders.

Can marketing and brand leaders join IHALC?

Yes! IHALC Individual Membership is open to anyone in a senior role with management responsibility for an In-House Agency. You may be a CMO, Marketing Director, Brand or Content Lead, or similar.

See our full terms and conditions here

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Co-founder Patrick Burgoyne on

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