An In-House Agency Manifesto

December 7th 2022

1pm UK on Zoom

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If you had to write a manifesto for the ideal in-house agency, what would it include? In our latest In-House Life online session, in partnership with Adobe Workfront, we will be refining and revising our IHALC In-House Agency Manifesto, which we first drew up at Campaign’s In-Housing Summit in October.

Join Mat O’Brien, Creative Director of Three’s in-house agency, ex-Camelot Head of Creative Hub and in-housing consultant Arabella Gilchrist, John Owen, partner at WDC, and Patrick Burgoyne as we draw up a list of principles for in-house agency success. This will be a collaborative effort, with contributions invited from all those who attend.

For reference, below is what we have so far – what did we miss?

1, A North Star – find yours and follow it.

2, Nail your remit.

3, Find your allies and build trust.

4, Understand what it means to bring in creative.

5, Prove your value.

6, Get upstream.

7, Be politely rebellious.

8, Build your culture.

9, Great process = Great work.

10, Become the agency of choice.

10+1, Have fun!


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