Production for In-House Agencies

May 17th 2023


draftLine Europe

How can In-House Agencies and Production Companies best work together?

The Shiny Awards and the In-house Agency Leaders Club have joined forces for an evening of inspiration and debate, hosted by draftLine Europe, on 17 May. We will be showcasing work by up and coming directors featured in the Shiny Awards, followed by a panel discussion bringing together the production and in-house agency communities to explore how best to work in partnership.

As the in-house agency sector grows, more and more production companies are adapting their offering to work ‘direct-to-brand’. But in a world of ‘always-on’ content, how should production companies adapt in order to work best with IHAs, and what skills and resources do IHAs need from their production partners?

Joining us will be Jime Seoane, Head of Production at draftLine Europe, plus Sophie Chapman-Andrews, Executive Producer at Makers, and Massive Music.

We’ll be asking:

  • What does creating content at scale mean for production models?
  • If marketing campaigns are no longer created around tentpole content, what does this mean for new directors?
  • What is the future of relationships between brands, in-house agencies and production companies? How can they best help each other?

Ahead of our discussion, we will be showing a reel of the latest Shiny Award-winning work from directors from under-represented communities, new to the industry.

Come and join us in draftLine’s fabulous top floor bar for beer, pizza, some great work and valuable insight.

Our partners for the event are Makers and Massive Music

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