The role of the In-House Agency planner

July 11th 2023

1pm UK on Zoom

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Our recent IHA Benchmarking Survey revealed the importance of planning and strategy in the development of in-house agencies. Only 35% of IHAs currently have planning as a discipline while just 22% have a Strategy Director. Bringing in a senior planner was top of IHA leaders’ list when it came to which roles they wanted to add.

So what is the role of the planner in-house and why are they so important? We’ll be talking to one of the best in the business, Liz Baines, Head of Planning at The Agency at Specsavers .

We’ll be discussing how planners can improve the quality of briefs, help shepherd and protect ideas as they go through the creative process and, ultimately, how they help brands get better, more effective work.

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