Expedia: Northern Lights, Julie, Grace & Maya

The latest spot from Expedia’s in-house agency tells the story of three generations of one family who all dream of going to see the Northern Lights. Thanks to Expedia, that dream becomes a reality.


VP, creative communications: Luke Harris
VP, creative communications: Kevin Tenglin
VP, brand marketing; Chandreyi David
Creative director: Michael McCommon
Creative director: Yo Umeda
Associate creative director: Diogo de Souza Valim
Associate creative director: Bruno Barbieri
Associate creative director: Euzcil Castaneto
Associate creative director: Mallory Taylor
Executive creative director, Music: Anh Do
Head of integrated production: Perrin Rausch
Production director: Lindsey Wood
Senior producer: Erika Ruiz
Senior producer: Adam Nelson
Creative producer: Lauren Bautista

Production company: Doomsday
Director: Hiro Murai
Executive producer: Danielle Hinde
Executive producer: Jason Cole
Production supervisor: Roland Berry

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