Makers/Kohler: Artist Editions

Bathroom and kitchen products company Kohler’s in-house agency The Beacon, used Makers‘ global production network to help streamline four international productions to ensure they were stylistically uniform, cost-effective, and delivered within four weeks.


Kohler commissioned four global artists to create custom works for an exclusive, limited line of bathroom products. Rather than focusing only on the appliances, Kohler wanted to celebrate the artists and stories behind the pieces. They envisioned a series of commercial spots filmed in the artists’ hometowns—Delhi, Miami, London, and Rio De Janeiro— where they shared their backgrounds, inspirations, and creative processes.

Accounting for the artists’ schedules and limited weeks until the collection launch, it was impossible for one director/production team to shoot all four locations. Instead, Makers identified a directorial duo and split them by hemisphere—with one shooting in Miami/Brazil, and the other in London/India—ensuring that the footage could be delivered on time, while maintaining a consistent aesthetic. The result is a visually stunning 4-part series celebrating the intersection of art + appliance.







Kohler / The Beacon
David Poremba: Creative Director
Alysia Menendez: Associate Creative Director/Art Director
Chris Mier: Copywriter
Rebecca Anhold: Studio Ops Manager
Marci Rodewald: Brand Communications Manager
Michael Corr: Strategic Partnerships & Campaigns

Brock Marlborough: EP
Mike Garrod: EP
Samantha Sheppard: Producer Lead
Will Olsen: Producer Lead
Taero Robertson: Producer

Greg Hardes and Jacob Proud: Directors
Deepti Asthana: Photographer (India)
Lou Jasmine: Photographer (London)
Mary Beth Koeth: Photographer (Miami)
Juliana Rocha: Photographer (Brazil)

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