National Highways Creative Team: History of the Historical Railways Estate

In-house teams are responsible for all kinds of communication tasks. For this project, the team at National Highways (the body which maintains the UK’s major roads) created an animated film to explain how the organisation also looks after over 3,000 structures and assets that were once part of Britain’s rail network but now form the Historical Railways Estate.

The film takes a journey through the history of the Historical Railways Estate, from its Victorian beginnings to the present day, showing how National Highways now helps to make these structures safe and enjoyable for leisure use.


National Highways Creative team
Head of Creative Services:
Jody Latham
Script edit: Adrian Dalby
Storyboarding: Adrian Dalby
Illustration: David Weston
Animation: David Weston
Voiceover: Adrian Dalby
Video post-production: Adrian Dalby

National Highways Digital Team
Isobel Lewis / Heather Adams / Anthony Beeby
Research and Original Script: Guy Harrington


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