Squarespace: Hello Down There

For its Superbowl campaign this year, Squarespace has enlisted none other than Martin Scorsese. The director shot a film for the big game in which aliens, who have finally decided to make contact with the people of Earth, are frustrated when everybody is too busy staring at their phones to notice them. The answer, of course, is to use Squarespace to build a website and get our attention that way.

In an accompanying film, Scorsese’s daughter Francesca patiently explains to the great man how easy it is to make a website using the platform.

Chief creative officer: David Lee
Executive creative director: Ben Hughes
Creative director: Mathieu Zarbatany
Art director: Gina Kim
Senior copywriter: Niamh Grunfeld
Head of production: Erica Kung
Executive producer: Rebecca Patrick
Producer: Tina Chen
Design director: Satu Pelkonen
Associate design director: Joanna Hsu
Senior designer: Ryan Carrel
Senior designer: Wan Kang
Designer: Dorian Dreyfuss
Photographer: Craig Reynolds
Photo assistant: Spencer Blake
Retoucher: Sara Barr
Senior designer: Alex Tutelian
Associate motion design director: Videl Torres
Senior motion designer: Christina Lu

Production company: Superprime
Director: Martin Scorsese
Creative director / writer / 2nd unit director: Alfonso Gomez Rejon
Managing director / EP: Rebecca Skinner
Head of production / EP: Matt Sanders
Associate producer: Masha Chernitskaya
Producer: Josh Porter
Production supervisor: Aurora Hendrickson

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