• Part 1: Foundations of Generative AI and Text to Text
  • Part 2: Images, Videos & Audio with Generative AI Tools
  • Part 3: Integrating Generative AI into Your Business
Members price:£4,500-£9,000+ (+VAT)
Non-Members price:£5,000-£10,000+ (+VAT)
1/2-1.5 days for groups of up to 24

This three-part training programme is designed to take participants on a progressive journey of understanding, applying, and integrating generative AI into their in-house agency workflows.

The first part provides a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of AI and generative AI, equipping participants with the knowledge to navigate the opportunities and challenges and giving them hands-on experience mastering text to text prompting.

The second part gets even more hands-on, exploring text to image/video/audio, giving participants a chance to apply generative AI tools to a mini creative brief, allowing them to experience the technology in action.

The final part explores how generative AI can be strategically applied to drive business impact, with a focus on efficiencies, optimisation and new ways of working.

The course is delivered by Tim Sparke of Congregation Partners. Tim has led training programmes for major brands including the BBC, Unilever, Diageo and many more.

Part 1: Foundations of Generative AI and Text to Text

In this introductory session, participants will gain a solid understanding of the basics of AI and the transformative potential of generative AI across various domains, including marketing, product development, and problem-solving. Key takeaways include:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of AI and generative AI, and how they are reshaping industries
  • Exploring the key opportunities and challenges associated with adopting generative AI
  • Mastering Prompting
  • Research & Concepting
  • Using GenAI to improve your briefs
  • Enhancing Research, Concepting and Copy with GenAI
  • GenAI for creative concepting
  • Develop a mindset for incorporating generative AI into daily routines in a meaningful and beneficial way

Part 2: Images, Videos & Audio with Generative AI Tools 

Building on the foundational knowledge, this session provides participants with hands-on experience in utilising various generative AI tools to address a mini creative brief.
Participants will:

  • Engage in a collaborative creative exercise, leveraging generative AI tools for research, ideation, and content creation
  • Explore the capabilities and limitations of specific AI tools, Dall-e, ChatGPT, Midjourney, Runway, Adobe Firefly
  • Gain practical skills in optimizing workflows and prompt writing to harness the full potential of generative AI

Part 3: Integrating Generative AI into Your Business

In the final session, participants will delve into the strategic application of generative AI within their organisation. The focus will be on:

  • Identifying opportunities to integrate generative AI into existing business processes and workflows
  • How AI will transform production (ie automating the mundane, new production workflows and processes)Using AI to increase asset re-use and minimise wastage
  • Automating repetitive tasks: Reformatting, resizing, and optimizing workflows.
  • Developing a roadmap for experimentation and implementation, aligned with organizational objectives
  • Developing your optimal Gen AI tech stack
  • Exploring new ways of working and collaborating that leverage the power of generative AI
  • Addressing the organisational and cultural aspects of adopting generative AI, including change management and ethical considerations


IHALC offers three options for the delivery of this training:

Duration: 1/2 day, in-person workshop for groups of up to 24
Content: Primarily presentation with inspiring examples and group exercises
IHALC Members: £4,500 (+VAT)
Non-Members: £5,000 (+VAT)

Duration: 1 day, in-person workshop for groups of up to 24
Content: Adapted to Client needs as per the Training Course Terms and Conditions. Includes hands-on experience with tools and multiple exercises
IHALC Members: £9,000 (+VAT)
Non-Members: £10,000 (+VAT)

Duration: 1.5 day, in-person workshop for groups of up to 24.
Content: Includes coaching check-in and update one month after initial training. Access to updates on key platform developments.
Price on application and according to Client need. IHALC Members receive discount.

This in-person course can be adapted to your particular needs and includes provision for pre- and post-session work in order to achieve this. See terms and conditions for details.

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