• The how, when, why and where of arguing well
  • The 7 tips for great arguments
  • The 7 pitfalls of bad arguments
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Non-Members price:£6,000 (+VAT)
1/2 day for groups of up to 40

The principles & practicals of how to construct Undeniable Arguments in your business life.

We’ve all been taught since the cradle that we ‘shouldn’t argue’ yet being able to construct coherent, cogent and substantiated arguments is one of the most vital life skills to have. Example experts include Martin Luther King, Alan Partridge, Reservoir Dogs and The Fugitive – and Aristotle. You’ll be arguing like a pro by the end of it.

You’ll learn:

  • The basics of all arguments & the importance of context.
  • The how, when, why and where of arguing well.
  • Aristotle’s 3 methods of persuasion theory.
  • The 7 tips for great arguments.
  • The 7 pitfalls of bad arguments.

This in-person course can be adapted to your particular needs and includes provision for pre- and post-session work in order to achieve this. See terms and conditions for details.
Delivered by Kevin Chesters

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