• What can be learnt from studying gangs
  • How to reclaim the word for good for your team(s)
  • Ten elements that make all successful gangs
Members price:£5,000 (+VAT)
Non-Members price:£6,000 (+VAT)
1/2 day for groups of up to 40

What all business, brands and teams can learn from studying ‘gangs’.

Gangs are incredibly successful historical entities – for good and for bad. From the Women’s Institute to the Hell’s Angels, from the Brownies to the Moonies; ever since we humans have been on Earth, we have come together with like-minded individuals and formed “gangs”. What can they teach us about how to build strong brands and effective team cultures?

You’ll learn:

  • Why gangs are successful entities.
  • Why and how to reclaim the word and the concept for good.
  • The ten elements that make all successful gangs and examples of how to apply them to your team or business.

This in-person course is designed to provide inspiration and stimulation for teams of all levels. It includes a workshop in which participants have the opportunity to practise and apply the skills learnt. See terms and conditions for details.

Delivered by Kevin Chesters

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