• Creativity: what it is and why it’s vital
  • Nine simple lessons for being more creative
  • ‘Nudges’ to unlock the creativity in all of us
Members price:£5,000 (+VAT)
Non-Members price:£6,000 (+VAT)
1/2 day for groups of up to 40

How to be more creative in work and life.

Based on Kevin Chesters’ best-selling book, ‘The Creative Nudge’ this session teaches people the importance of creativity in work and life, outlines the barriers (societal and scientific) stopping us from applying more of it and provides simple ways that we can overcome them.

You’ll learn:

  • The true definition of creativity and why it is vital.
  • The sociology and biology that stops more of it happening.
  • The nine simple lessons for being more creative in our work and home lives.
  • A set of simple ‘nudges’ to apply to unlock the creativity in all of us.

This in-person course is designed to provide inspiration and stimulation for teams of all levels. It includes a workshop in which participants have the opportunity to practise and apply the skills learnt. See terms and conditions for details.
Delivered by Kevin Chesters

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