How to Sell Creative Work

  • The role of a great brief
  • How to write one
  • How to inspire creatives with it
Members price:£9000 (+VAT)
Non-Members price:£10,000 (+VAT)
1/2 day for groups of up to 24

Great work starts with a great brief – and is hard to achieve without one. This practical course is designed to address the specific challenges of working with in-house agencies, as well as the general principles that inform great briefs & briefings.

You’ll learn:

  • How to prioritise the 3 ‘i’s: Information, Insight and Inspiration
  • How to find and articulate an insight that can unlock creative thinking
  • How to design and deliver a truly energising briefing session to excite and empower your teams

This in-person course can be adapted to your particular needs and includes provision for pre- and post-session work in order to achieve this. See terms and conditions for details.

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